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Coming in 2021 to a Bookstore Near You!

Welcome to the World of Madame X!

THE HEROIC ADVENTURES OF MADAME X is a modern day Pygmalion meets Don Quixote with a superhero twist.

Finnegan Yates lives an unassuming life, struggling to be the man he needs to be. Despite this, he knows how to transform a victimized woman into a superheroine through his comic book series, The Heroic Adventures of Madame X.


Only The Heroic Adventures of Madame X is no ordinary comic book series: the characters are living, breathing entities. With one gunshot, Madame X's alter ego Roxanne is implicated, and the real and imagined spiral out of control.


In a world where nothing is what it seems, can Finnegan discover his true calling and write the world before it is too late?



Fans of PIRANESI by Susanna Clarke, SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE by Austin Grossman, and SUPER GOAT MAN by Jonathan Lethem will enjoy this novel.